The Lost and Found Crowd

Have it Back is the easiest way to search for anything you've lost, misplaced, was stolen from you, or has gone astray – but you can also register items you've found.

The shock is imminent and the mostly small - no matter if stolen, run away, lost, or forgotten, the result for those affected is always the same: lots of effort, stress, and worn out nerves.

Right after finding or losing something, you should make use of the simplest, quickest, and most promising method: Have it Back

24/7 Reachability, no waiting, never busy, and always up to date. When found goods are handed over to police stations or other public offices, it can take a long time for them to show up in a database.

Have it Back publicises and displays found items online much faster. Entries for lost and found goods can be made and our archives can be checked for your things - for free!

We've made it our mission to reunite lost goods with their rightful owners.

Search for found items Report loss

Private individuals profit from the direct service of the Have it Back system.

Thanks to the standardized and digitalized database, you can easily search for lost items. If the company or venue of your suspected loss has a profile with Have it Back, you can directly search in their registry.

If your good hasn't been found (yet), you can instantly set up a search agent. Our systems will then monitor the database and inform you automatically, when new entries fitting your item's description are reported. That way, you will always be up to date by letting Have it Back do the work for you, instead of having you search again and again.

Furthermore, private and second hand purchases - no matter if in a pawn shop, on the internet, or the flea market - can be made more secure with Have it Back on your side. You can quickly and easily check online if anyone has registered the serial number of the object in question. In case of a match, you know for sure: someone is missing this item. Help clear up the loss and found cases by doing good and earning finder's fee in the process.

Companies and public offices can benefit greatly by using Have it Back.

For one, our platform provides a clearly structured system that accommodates both employees and customers in lost and found matters.

But also, easier handling of lost and found matters means saving a lot of time, which in turn leads to economic advantages by saving you money. How? Because with Have it Back, your personnel can take care of their actual daily business, instead of searching through inventories in order to deal with lost item inquiries.

Another advantage of virtualizing your lost and found process is an immense improvement of your customer service. Customers and guests don't have to spend hours on their phones searching for lost items during designated business hours any more. With Have it Back, they can now search for themselves from the comfort of their homes.

As an additional service, we offer companies free profiles including company logo and business summary. This way, not only your customer service is maximized - your visibility on the web increases as well.

Use the best solution for your lost and found process

Lost and Found Manager and the coinciding App can be utilized for the entire lost and found process of your company or public office - without having to install software on your PC.