Security Stickers

Easy and fast

Have it Back Stickers is available 24/7. This means that searchers and finders can contact each other at any time – worldwide and free of charge! Be smart, protect your valuables and save time searching for your lost goods. Thanks to the Security Stickers from Have it Back, the the finder of your item now searches for you!

Sticker 1 – 40mm x 5mm
Security Sticker small

Sticker 2 – 40mm x 10mm
Security Sticker large


Best Price-Performance Ratio

The most important factor for our unbeatable low price is simple: It is most important to us that you are successfully reunited with your lost goods! Have it Back already has an excellent infrastructure and database system in place. This puts us in a position to offer you the security stickers to far lower prices than many comparable competitors. So now everybody can afford to protect valuables! Unlike other, more profit oriented competitors, we also charge no percentage of finder's fees or for the use of the service – when it comes to your valuables, we want you to have them back!

How do the security stickers work?

First, apply the sticker to your smartphone, laptop, camera, etc. Afterwards, you use the individual sticker code to register your valuable on In case you lose your item, it's finder can then quickly and easily send you an email by using the code - and you can have your valuables back!

How high is the probability of having my lost item returned?

Various tests confirm: Valuables that are secured with identification sticker are returned in up to 70-90 %. Te reason is a combination of two factors: For one, finders are more honest than generally assumed. Furthermore, having your items opently registered restrains finders from keeping them for themselves.

Whay is part of Have it Back - the only meta-search engine for lost and found with virtual map-function. Have it back is the world's largest public lost and found database and your number 1 contact point for lost and found reports.

Deter thieves, fight fencing - deterrence that works!

If a thief has the choice between a registered and an unsecured good, he will most likely choose to steal the latter. Why? Because fencing a clearly registered good is attached with a far greater risk of getting caught. The same is true for "normal" loss - most finders will calculate that chances of a finder's reward are far more promising compared to the risk of being caught selling the found valuable.