You want to relieve your internal processes of lost and found requirements? You also want to maximize your customer service? Then just contact us. We can gladly provide you with an individualized input screen or interface tailored to your needs.

With Have it Back, your company can transmit lost and found goods fast and easy.
With our Lost and Found Manager or our API.

Lost and Found Manager API


  • Workload reduction
    (A notice on the own website already suffices)
  • Increase service quality
  • Spare your customer's unnecessary effort
  • Simplify internal processes


  • Ensure that it hasn't been stolen at the lost and found office (Stiftung Warentest Artikel)
  • Accelerate the "finding-process"
  • Soothe social conscience
  • Finder's reward

This Have it Back service is excellently suited for:

Universities | Libraries | Airlines | Airports| Bars | Private Detectives | Clubs | Taxi Services | Shopping Centers | Gas Stations / Truck Stops | Furniture Shops| Adjustment Bureaus / Technical Experts | Insurance Companies | Second Hand Electronic Stores | Pawn Brokers | Public Offices (Police) | Lost and Found Offices | Public Authorities (Justice Department) | Train Stations | Public Transport (Bus, Railway, etc.) | Bus Companies | Sports Halls (Fitness, Ice Skating Rink, etc.) | Swimming Pools | Associations | Museums | Restaurants | Cinemas | Hotels | Stadiums | Theme Parks / National Parks | Concert Halls | Events, Meetings | Real Estate Developers / Buiding Site Developers | Misc. Companies